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Commissioning Of HVAC & Control Systems

The Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system and the Building Automation System (BAS) are the heart and soul of most facilities.  When the HVAC equipment and the BAS are not functioning properly and/or not integrated, excessive energy is consumed, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is compromised, maintenance expenses rise, and occupancy productivity diminishes.  Commissioning a project will save the owner, design team, and construction team more than the fee to commission the project.

HVAC Commissioning is a pro-active, systematic process that facilitates communication between owners, designers, and contractors.  HVAC Commissioning utilizes the Commissioning Process to verify that the design meets the owner’s requirements, the equipment is installed and operated according to the construction documents and manufacturer's instructions, and devices are calibrated, and equipment operates together smoothly.