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About Us

MSTB Commissioning Group is a specialized division of Mechanical Systems Testing and Balancing (MSTB, Inc.)  which is a fully certified NEBB firm for Building Systems Commissioning for HVAC. MSTB Commissioning Group serves most of the East coasts on a variety of projects with a main focus on military and LEED certified projects.  MSTB employs over 40 personnel year-round and is one of the largest NEBB certified firms in the area. With un-matched technology and experience, MSTB, Inc. is the firm you need to get the job done right.

MSTB, Inc. starts all projects by digitizing contract documentation and beginning a chain of communication with all involved contractors, owners and engineers through email and our unique project web portal. Documentation, Cx Observation Reports, updated Cx Forms and Cx Issues Logs are readily available digitally and project status is always known by all parties.

After all project documentation is digital, our engineering department color codes, numbers and prepares the drawings, procedures and forms for the field crews to use on site. These Cx Coordination Drawings, Forms and Procedures are also provided through the Web Portal in color to make the information available to all team members. All Cx forms are custom built for each project and arranged in an easy to follow, organized format. A Construction Document Review (CDR) is performed for all projects regardless of size or complexity. The CDR outlines any discrepancies found during Pre-Field Engineering that prohibit the completion of commissioning. The CDR, Cx Procedures, Cx forms and Coordination Drawings are all compiled into Commissioning Plan that is submitted to the engineer and Cx Team for review and approval before field work begins. This is the best means of insuring that the owner & engineer’s intent is met and that the work to be done on site is correct and accurate.

MSTB, Inc. is pleased to provide the highest quality Building Systems Commissioning services available today. Call or email us if you have any questions or need a quote for your project.