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Fort Pickett Regional Training Institute

Fort Pickett RTI project consists of eight standalone buildings; three billeting buildings; one officer candidate school, one regimental administration building, one dining facility, one auditorium, and one educational building. MSTB Cx Group is performing the HVAC & Controls, Electrical, Lighting and Domestic Hot Water Systems Commissioning. The first-phase construction includes an 8,000-square-foot regimental headquarters building, a 61,500-square-foot education building with administrative space for the institute's three training battalions, classrooms, a library, learning center, maintenance classroom, medical aid station, supply area and fitness center, a 9,700-square-foot Officer Candidate School building with offices, administrative work space, conference room, classrooms and counseling areas; and a 250-seat, 4,900-square-foot auditorium.